New US Education Secretary Sued by 18 States over Student Loan gouging

Newly appointed US Education Secretary Betsy deVos is proving that she is truly “the President’s man” when it comes to removing regulations that protect vulnerable US students attending for-profit institutions. Recent moves will loosen controls set in place by the Obama Administration which provided Borrower Defense Rules that have constrained money-gouging for-profit colleges, universities, and proprietary schools from preying on recent graduates by requiring them to make student loan payments that are out of line with their incomes (if they even have jobs at all, as some may not).

“The complaint, filed in U.S. District Court, alleges that the Department of Education violated federal law by “abruptly rescinding” the Borrower Defense Rule and asks the court to declare the Education Department’s delay notices unlawful and to order the Education Department to implement the Borrower Defense Rule.”

18 States Sue Betsy deVos and the US Department of Education

Thanks to US News and World Report

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