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VSB mulls ban on teacher-student Facebook friendships

The Vancouver School Board is mulling a strict social media policy that would ban teachers from friending students on Facebook and other social media sites.

A draft version was presented and debated at a board meeting Tuesday night, including guidelines for friend requests and even personal posting activity.

Trustee Mike Lombardi said certain rules are necessary to ensure teachers use good judgment and act as proper role models for their pupils.

“The problem is we’re letting people stumble in the dark,” Lombardi said. “So we’ve embarked on a process of consulting with our teachers, our students and our parents about what would be an appropriate social policy.”

One measure Lombardi said has already been supported by the BC College of Teachers is a full prohibition on friending students.

“That’s the equivalent of 25 years ago, as a teacher, me asking students for a personal phone number to phone them at home,” he said.

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