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Should higher education be bundled, or unbundled?

A series of formal courses, learning experiences, internships and practical experiences comprises as traditional degree program at an institution of higher education.  When such a program is carefully designed by getting input from business, industry, and the arts, the outcomes for most students are predictable and can be changed and modified if needed.

The notion of unbundling suggests that there are courses or leaning experiences that are relevant and some that may not be.  In formal education, the training world has provided these kinds of experiences, but oversight of training is not handled by traditional accreditation agencies or the governance agencies of higher education in most cases.

To suggest that either of these education providers has an advantage over the other is a matter for some scrutiny and discussion.  As long as employers demand more effective “training”,  higher education will be forced to justify both the scope and cost of its degree programs.

Source: Should higher education be bundled, or unbundled? | The Edvocate

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